Vocalist Wanted

My voice works well in some songs, but not in all. I sing occasionally, but I know I am at my best when I concentrate on guitar arrangements that will lend support to lead vocals delivered by others. So, foreground lighting for you, background lighting for me.

There's room for yet another duo in our crowded, local music scene, as long as the act is polished and captivating. Quite simply, if a duo is very good, soon the public will know. When that happens, the duo will gain a foothold and will be in demand. The operative words here are 'if' and 'very good'.

I'm not keen to chase the stage at bars and pubs. It seems to make better sense to concentrate on the growing popularity of live music in private, relaxed locations where people tend to know each other, or at least have a common purpose. I think of these settings as quieter venues with an attentive audience. They include business dinners; small meetings/conventions; private house parties; family get-togethers celebrating anniversaries and other special occasions; and events highlighting the unique character of our culture, as showcased at festivals and other initiatives tied to Nova Scotia's food, beer, wine and tourism industries.

If this sounds in tune with your musical thinking, I've listed some criteria below. If forming a duo interests you and you believe your vocal talent is the right fit, please so we can take the first step, which is to have a chat about goals, abilities, and possibilities. I look forward to it.



Criteria (Wish List)

Experience: Even if singing is not your main line of work, maybe you would like music to become a larger part of your life. Maybe your talent has been hidden away for a long time and now you're ready to let it be heard. Perhaps you'd like to share the vocal gift you've been given with a slightly larger audience than the one you have at home. Perhaps you are ready because you are winding down from other careers and you'd like to pursue something you've always wanted to do, but just couldn't find time for, until now.

Personality: Mature, flexible, creative by nature, natural love of music.

Voice quality: Clear vocal tones, on pitch, good vocal range.

Song treatment: Aware of the sensibility present in different songs, from soft and restrained undertones in some, to more powerful and dynamic vocals in others.

Musical interests: More than one genre. For example: folk-rock, pop, R&B, blues, traditional, through-the-ages, classics, and original songs. Not afraid to try out new material when you feel that your voice would make it shine.

Commitment:  At least 2 to 3 days per week in the early going. Must be ready to devote time and effort to identifying, arranging, rehearsing and refining a professional repertoire, to become a 'very good duo'.

Musical instrument(s):  If you play an instrument, it's a plus, but it is definitely not essential.

Bottom line: I'm a skilful and creative guitarist who is looking for a skilful and creative female vocalist. Being a trained professional is not a prerequisite, but having a clear, enjoyable singing voice is.